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Our Philosophy : The intimate sharing of our diverse experiences, our love for French and international cuisine, through creative gastronomic compositions.

Our Goal : To make our guests travel with their senses.

Duo of chefs

Inspired by many international experiences

A wide range of services

High-end products and services

MR & MME is a stunning duo composed of two native chefs from Marseille working in symbiosis.

They’ve had many experiences in which they’ve had the great delight to turn into a synergy that honors taste in all its forms.

Fabien, a fervent representative of the south, has been stung by the white hat and apron since early childhood. He created his first recipes with his grandmother. Lory, an adventurer at heart, has lived in Asia and South America. She discovered new specialties that have enriched her culinary repertoire.


Between both of them, they offer cuisine of character with a combination of ancestral know-how, French traditions, and techniques from around the world. Their creations give way to spices, roasted and smoked products, and special technique cooking such as with wood fire.

With family, friends or in a professional setting, MR & MME will make you experience a unique moment of flavors, sharing, and emotions.